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BMW Exparts Plz E46 ISN in ECU ?
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i just cant wrap myself around this one
BMW E46 about 2001/2002 model petrol
Bosch 026209005
DME 7512354
story go like this :
customer bring car no spark and no injeector pulse . checked fuses .......
Diagnostic scan not reading dme , got a secondhand ecu (ews not included)
ok gona use bdm to transver data from old to "new old" galleto smoked and burned so ecu (not a firt time to use bdm done it a couple of times connections is correct , ok hooked up x-prog to try and read ecu BDM woopy more smoke so now i have a burned x-prog and galleto with a busted ecu
swaped eeprom 95080 from old to newold ecu and now i could diagnose it and made ews/dme sync all went well
30 days later :
car no spark no injector pulse . and error is ews manupilation in ecu
scantool just say that ecu and dme is not frm same car
customer say every nite he unplug ecu because car sleep outside and bonnet do not close they might steal ecu
and i checked the ecu is the same one that i fitted and the ews is also the same one so no swaps was made
ISN for the ews is no problem but the ISN i can not get it with inpa and currently i have no tool to read the flash of the ecu INTEL DE28F800 so what is my options now because i was told that ISN is in flash and not eeprom , and why did it sync 1st time after eeprom swap , i did try to swap flash but flash is not responding so it must also be dead with the rest of my tools i can post dump of the ecu eeprom
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