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Front PDC is not working
My X5 E53 has a problem with Parking Distance Control.

All 8 parking sensor (4 front & 4 rear still hear clicking).
When I reverse, PDC button light turn on and sound continuous beep, when the car close objective, beep change and warning (but still continuous beep)
Front are not working (but 4 front sensor are clicking when I put ear close these sensor). I think that front PDC is not actived.
Check with DIS show fault: PDC - 27 PDC: Button - - - - Short to negative - - - - Fault currently not present
In my friend car, when he turn PDC button on, I didn't hear a continuous beep like my car but when I close to front & rear sensor, it emit a warning sound (constant beep, not continuous beep)
Any help or advice are appreciated,
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expand ECU and see if there is water in the ECU
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As you have mentioned you have a fault code regarding Button short to negative. Your tester should have a test plan which you should check and follow, otherwise check the wire from the switch down to the control unit and fix it if there's a wiring fault even it is not present. Transducer sensor might be okay as you said you can feel a pulse on it. Do a function test for each sensor and also the Button/switch. If you need a wiring diagram pm me with chassis number.
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